Arfeen Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a Kolkata based company who deals in various handicraft items such as exclusive handicrafts made out of horn, filigree designed jewellery, dhokra art products, beautiful beads and products made out of them and many more. Artisans associated with our company have experience over 30+ years in the similar field and this is why our products are exclusive and one of a kind. But along side providing the best quality products we also take care of the various artisans working in the company alongside

Important Social Parameters which we strictly follow -

Employment Practices

Artisans associated with our company have an experience of over 30+ years and have been provided with all the needed equipments to manufacture quality products under a single roof.

Wages and Benefits

We always look after the possible betterment of the workers and we strictly look after the condition the workers in the company. We try to provide all the benefits to upgrade the living standards of the workers as well as their family members.

Working Hours

We look after the health of the workers in our company and keep in mind that they get adequate rest and therefore our working hours are strictly as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Indian Government.

Child Labor

While recruiting we keep in mind that all the workers are above 18 years, which is the permissible age for working in anywhere. We say a big NO to Child Labor.

Forced (Bonded) Labor

We do not use forced or other types of compulsory or bonded labour. The workers are only recruited after they agree being comfortable in the timing laid down by the company according to various norms of the government.

Non-discrimination / Human Rights

We maintain a healthy work environment therefore; we do not discriminate in hiring and employment of the workers under any situation or circumstances. The employment is solely depended on the person’s ability to work or perform.

Freedom of Association

We profoundly support to the right of employees working in our Company.

Working Conditions

Our working hours are as per labor law and government's norms.

Arfeen Exports
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