Filigree Jewellery

Filigree Jewellery

Filigree Fish Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70001

Filigree Swaying and Graceful Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70002

Filigree Ball Necklace Set

Item No: AEPLFJ70003

Filigree Bangle

Item No: AEPLFJ70004

Filigree Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70005

Filigree Bracelet Bangles

Item No: AEPLFJ70006

Filigree Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70007

Filigree Designer Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70008

Filigree Round Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70009

Filigree Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70010

Filigree Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70011

Filigree Two Designer Bracelets

Item No: AEPLFJ70012

Filigree Brooch

Item No: AEPLFJ70013

Filigree Butterfly Bracelet

Item No: AEPLFJ70014

Filigree Chabi Challa

Item No: AEPLFJ70015

Filigree Shell Design Chabi Challa

Item No: AEPLFJ70016

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70017

Filigree Earrings Odishi Peacock Kaan

Item No: AEPLFJ70018

Filigree Ball Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70019

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70020

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70021

Filigree Triangle Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70022

Filigree Long Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70023

Filigree Flower Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70024

Filigree Floral Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70025

Filigree Long Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70026

Filigree Butterfly Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70027

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70028

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70029

Filigree Guitar Pendant

Item No: AEPLFJ70030

Filigree Jewellery Set

Item No: AEPLFJ70091

Filigree Cross Earrings With Pin

Item No: AEPLFJ70032

Filigree Necklace with Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70033

Filigree Dance Ornaments

Item No: AEPLFJ70034

Filigree Pink Cat Pendant

Item No: AEPLFJ70035

Filigree Heart Shaped Pendent with Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70036

Filigree Pendent

Item No: AEPLFJ70037

Filigree Rose Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70038

Filigree Bracelats

Item No: AEPLFJ70039

Filigree Earrings Original and Classy

Item No: AEPLFJ70040

Filigree Earrings Swaying and Leafy

Item No: AEPLFJ70041

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70042

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70043

Filigree Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70044

Beautiful Filigree Danglers

Item No: AEPLFJ70045

Designer Filigree Pendant and Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70046

Ethnic Filigree Jhumkas

Item No: AEPLFJ70047

Filigree Floral Pendant and Earrings Set

Item No: AEPLFJ70048

Filigree Jhumka Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70049

Filigree Jhumka Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70050

Filigree Kite Shaped Pendant and Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70051

Filigree Kusum Shaped Pendant and Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70052

Filigree Leafy Earrings

Item No: AEPLFJ70053

Filigree Long Danglers

Item No: AEPLFJ70054

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