Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery

Seashell Necklace

Item No: AEPLSFJ90001

Seashell Earring

Item No: AEPLSFJ90002

Seashell Pendant

Item No: AEPLSFJ90003

Seashell Pendant White

Item No: AEPLSFJ90004

Seashell Bracelet

Item No: AEPLSFJ90005

Seashell Pendent Sky

Item No: AEPLSFJ90006

White Seashell Necklace

Item No: AEPLSFJ90007

Seashell Earring Maroon

Item No: AEPLSFJ90008

Seashell Earring Sankh

Item No: AEPLSFJ90009

Seashell Earring Pink

Item No: AEPLSFJ90010

Seashell Necklace Black

Item No: AEPLSFJ90011

Beaded Seashell Charm Bracelet

Item No: AEPLSFJ90012

Seashell Earrings Cowrie

Item No: AEPLSFJ90013

Handmade Seashell Charm Bracelet

Item No: AEPLSFJ90014

Long Earrings Made by Seashell

Item No: AEPLSFJ90015

Qowrie Earrings

Item No: AEPLSFJ90024

Qowrie Earrings Stylish

Item No: AEPLSFJ90025

Qowrie Earrings Round Ring

Item No: AEPLSFJ90026

Seashell Bracelet Brown

Item No: AEPLSFJ90016

Seashell Earrings Multi Color

Item No: AEPLSFJ90017

Seashell Earrings White Sea

Item No: AEPLSFJ90018

Seashell Earrings White and Sky

Item No: AEPLSFJ90019

Seashell Pendent Brown Ribon

Item No: AEPLSFJ90020

Seashell Dark Pink Pendent

Item No: AEPLSFJ90021

Seashell Pendent Jewellery

Item No: AEPLSFJ90022

Triple Cowrie Shell Ethnic Dangle

Item No: SJD-90247

Seashell Earrings White and Purple

Item No: AEPLSFJ90023

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